Christmas List Ideas

– Standard size screwdriver set (snap on, vim, higher than craftsman)
– Precision pliers / needle nose

Movies / CDs:
– Guardians of the Galaxy (BlueRay)
– deadmau5 – 5 years of mau5

Home Stuff:
– Mattress topper – standard cotton (full)
– OldSpice Wolfthorn Cologne
– Shower Curtain (men’s style and not transparent)

– Go Pro: The Handler floaty handle, Fetch dog harness, Suction Cup, 3-Way extension arm handle
– Pebble Steel Watch (Black)
– Automatic : smart driving assistant
Mini DisplayPort Extension

Favorite Stores for Gift Cards:
– Amazon, bass pro shops, adafruit, ikea, target, Starbucks, 24hr Fitness (Costco 2yr membership deal one)

Moka Stuff:
– Dog leash (loop style that goes around neck)
– Indestructible toys
– Toothbrush with large brush head
– Antler (chews)
– BarkBox gift card for future bark boxes
– Antler chew

– Birchbox for men
– Dollar Shave Club
– Graze

– Lightweight inflatable mattress pad for camping
– Toyota drive belts for the truck
Corgi-Naut tee (Medium)